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Kameleon Kids is a new clothes line and lifestyle created by sisters Louise and Emily Attwood based in St. Albans, Hertfordshire. Based on Louise’s fashion line Loulabelle Couture, it brings colour, life and uniqueness to children’s clothes.

Fed up of boring, ethically questionable children’s clothes everywhere you look, we decided there was only one thing to do. We’d make our own kids clothes. Brighter and better than any we’d seen. They had to be ethical whilst also being affordable so they could be everyday clothes as well as for special occasions. So Kameleon Kids was born.

Each piece is completely unique just like your little ones! We hand dye each of our garments ourselves so each piece is truly slightly different and has its own quirks! We hand dye each piece separately, not in batches so you can be guaranteed the highest quality and the most beautiful designs.

Who said children’s clothes had to be dull?

Louise, designer at Kameleon Kids

Designer, Hand Dyer Genius and Co-Founder

Obsessed with fashion and clothing since birth, Louise is the designer at Kameleon Kids. There are even rumours she was born wearing sunglasses and a wide brimmed floppy hat. Gaining a BA degree in Fashion at Uni, she then opened her own fashion line Loulabelle Couture. Loulabelle Couture specialises in creating beautiful and unique hand dyed garments. She has been selling her pieces at Spitalfields in London for four years now. Catering for teenagers and adults it seemed criminal not to be offering her cool clothes for children. You can find her at Spitalfields traders Market every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Other days she is creating beautiful garments for your Kameleon Kids.

Emily at Kameleon Kids

Technical Director, Co-Founder and Customer Services

Emily started out studying photography at college then gained a BA in filmmaking at Uni. Specialising after in photography, websites and business, this was perfect for Kameleon Kids. Emily undertakes all the technical roles at Kameleon Kids and customer services. If you have any comments or problems it is she who you will be liaising with! Having worked at a baby clothing business for a year she learned the ins and outs of a childrens company. From the importance of ethics and quality to the kind of things children and parents might like. Teaming together with her sister Louise she is ridiculously excited about Kameleon Kids and delivering absolutely unique, beautiful clothing to children.

Kameleon Kids office puppies
Astro and Nova

The office Pups

Every legitimate office needs a puppy. So we have two. They may not technically still be puppies but they definitely still act like it. They are cocker spaniels after all... Nova is our one and a half year old female blue roan. She loves nothing more than to go paddling, even if this means just in her water bowl. She insists on always being on your lap, overseeing the business. So if you're emailing us there's a good chance you'll be talking to Nova too. Astro is more of a gentleman dog. He's black and tan and about four. His preferred state of play is lounging on our sofa, every so often accepting gifts of peanut butter.

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